Gibson advertisement (1972)

Heart And Soul

Gibson Electric Guitars

Gibson advertisement (1972) Heart And Soul

Gibson advert for SUperhumbucking pickups featuring an SG solid-body guitar

Gibson discovered the original secret of the Humbucking Pickup. Imitations and similar operations sprang up everywhere ... but next to Gibson it was all hearsay. Now Gibson has picked up two more secrets... New Super Humbucking Pickups. They're super sensitive to capture every breath of music you create. With so much sustain that your sound will stand up and stay up longer than ever. Gibson's new breakthrough isn't just two pickups with the same design. It's two different pickups for two different functions. The Super Humbucking Rhythm Pickup delivers the heart of the sound. With clean, sharp response that cuts through all the competition. The Lead Pickup breathes some extra soul into the body, and delivers a strong fundamental sound... with just enough dirt added to make it interesting. And while the New Super Humbucking Pickups bring out all the real you, they reject all the rest... because they're non-microphonic. There's no hum. No unwanted noise. And they won't talk back when you hit them with your pick. You'll probably see a lot of unnatural artificial substitutes again. But when it comes down to the heart and soul of the matter... Gibson Super Humbucking Pickups are a cut above all the rest.

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