Kasino advertisement (1973)

Absolutely The Latest and Greatest

Kasino Amplifiers

Kasino advertisement (1973) Absolutely The Latest and Greatest

Kasino was a sister company to Kustom, offering a range of amplifiers, including budget models
From top to bottom, front to back and down the middle, the Kasino breed is all new and completely different! An entirely new approach to design and sound! Kasino has two new features you've never heard of before - BI-AMP and DRIVE control, and only Kasino's got it. Drive control, another first by Kasino, gives you true, clean sounds, mild distortion or full overdrive control of the pre-amp. You can run it hot, cold or in-between to excite your wildest imagination. Bi-amp gives you supreme command over highs through the horn and lows through the speakers. FANTASTIC!! You bet! But it's only the beginning. Al a glance, your eyes will tell you these brutes are real winners, but you'll have to hear them for yourself. They are REALLY different, with quality, versatility and power to make your next performance the best ever.

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Kasino Amplifiers - Kasino! A New Sound
Kasino Amplifiers - Kasino! A New Sound
This double page Kasino ad from 1970 highlights the reliability of Kasino solid-state amplifiers. Kasino was a subsidary of Kustom
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