Jennings advertisement (1971)

Be A Jennings Big Shot

Jennings Outlaw, Jennings Winchester, Jennings Gunman bass

Jennings advertisement (1971) Be A Jennings Big Shot

The Jennings rifle range was an unusual series of guitars and bass inspired by guns. Jennings was of course the British company that had created Vox guitars and amplifiers before selling the brand in 1967. This advert apopeared in the December 1971 issue of beat Instrumental magazine.
Introducing to you the new, revolutionary JENNINGS range of sharp-shootin' RIFLE GUITARS. THE OUTLAW. 6-string guitar. Volume, tone and three switch pick-up sounds with rifle sound. PRICE ?75.19 including p.t. THE WINCHESTER. Introducing electronic tones, ie. "presence", treble, bass, fuzz, repeater and changeover from electronic to guitar pick-ups, control of volume and repeat rate Three switch guitar pick-up sound. PRICE ?87.12 including p.t. THE GUNMAN BASS. This has volume, tone, three pick-up selection, fuzz and rifle sound. PRICE ?77 57 including p.t. Wanna be a big shot?

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