Leslie advertisement (1971)

Fat New Sounds. Skinny Money

Leslie 18 amplifier

Leslie advertisement (1971) Fat New Sounds. Skinny Money

The Leslie Speaker Model 18 reproduces extended-range frequencies from shiny highs to big, deep lows - and can handle up to 100 watts of power. Offered at a price even a group just starting out can manage. Suggested retail price ? $349. You can add a brilliant "sound in motion" effect to any amplified combo instrument. Using the amplifier system which already exists in the instrument. Model 18 takes this input and channels the sound into a 12" extended-range speaker which projects into a spinning Leslie rotor. This gives you the widest possible tonal qualities and the fullest possible use of your existing amplification system. It gives you an exciting tremolo effect at fast speed or rich undulating effect at slow

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