Gibson advertisement (1970)

Your Long Lean Mother Is Comin' Back To You

Gibson EB-1 bass

Gibson advertisement (1970) Your Long Lean Mother Is Comin

Guitar Player advert for the relaunch of the Gibson EB1.
She's supposed to be retired but the cats won't let her quit, this long, lean Mama of ours. Neck like a swan. Shape like a Strad. But big. Beautiful. Carved out of Mahogany. Plenty of action, all fast. Takes anything you have to offer. Probably give you back more than you can handle. She's what you have to measure up to, eventually. She's the mother of them all, this first Gibson electric bass guitar ever made. The ones the big boys play with.

The 'big boys' that were playing Gibson EB1 basses in the late 1960s included Jack Bruce, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), and most notably Felix Pappalardi of Mountain, who used it almost exclusively at this time.

The Original Gibson EB bass was available from 1953 - Gibson's first electric bass - until it was dropped in 1958 due to poor sales; selling 546 instruments in six years. The reissuedidn't do much better selling just 473 in four years.

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Gibson EB-1 - Revelation in Rhythm
Very early Gibson advert for their first bass. It was actually known as the EB or 'electric bass' at the time, and was only later named the EB1. Featuring Dave Reiser, of the Reiser Brothers Trio. ...
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