Gibson advertisement (1959)

Gibson Thin Body Guitars Feel Just Right

Gibson ES-355TD, Gibson GA-400 amplifier

Gibson advertisement (1959) Gibson Thin Body Guitars Feel Just Right

Advertisement for Gibson's new thinline guitar range launched the year before. Guitars like the ES-335 (ES = Electric Spanish) were an immediate success. This ad features Gibson 'artist-enthusiast' Andy Nelson playing the newly launched ES-355T through a GA400 amplifier

Whenever guitar players get to talking about their favorite instrument there's one thing they'll always say: the feel is right! And that's just what they've all been saying about Gibson's great new series of thin-body electrics. Yes, every one of these models - each with the Gibson wonder-thin silhouette - really does have that certain "feel" to it. And fitting so close and comfortably to your body, it'll let you reach many chords easily you've never played before. You'll find the slender Gibson neck feels just right in your hand, and it's so easy to finger. That extremely fast, low action will make the strings seem feather-light to your touch. If you haven't done so already, be sure to find out all about this new all-star line of light-weight low-action thin-body Gibsons . . . each model so easy to handle, so easy to play. All have that quick response, balanced tone that always says instantly Gibson

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