Ovation advertisement (1979)

The Hotter the Better. Viper

Ovation Viper

Ovation advertisement (1979) The Hotter the Better. Viper

A solid body guitar is only as good as its pickups. That's why a lot of professional guitarists have started to customize their instruments with hotter, specially wound pickups. Now there's a solid body guitar with factory-installed pickups that are hotter than custom units and engineered for a fuller sound. The Viper by Ovation.

A stronger signal, with more bite.

The Viper uses two single coil pickups. In each pickup, Ovation sets six alnico magnets in the bobbin and wraps the coil with 30% more windings for a stronger signal. Then, the entire assembly is surrounded with vibration-dampening material. And because it is shielded by a patented split casing, the Viper pickup reproduces less line noise and more highs than conventional single coil designs.

The Viper pickup is 6db hotter than other single coil pickups. Play in the upper register and you can hear the notes snap with a clear, razor-sharp tone. Play in the bass or middle registers and the response is clean and full.

Other standard Viper features: a rock maple neck and fingerboard with a full two-octave range, a 25½" scale length for added high harmonics, six individually adjustable solid brass saddles for perfect intonation, master volume and tone controls.

The Viper. It's the only professional quality solid body guitar engineered to have hotter pickups.

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