Ovation advertisement (1979)

Preacher. A stereo guitar

Ovation Preacher

Ovation advertisement (1979) Preacher. A stereo guitar

Late seventies Ovation advert announcing their new stereo guitar, the Preacher

With all the solid body guitars on the market, it's become difficult to tell the originals from the copies: the same shapes, the same electronics and pretty much the same sound. Now there's a solid body guitar with the standard features professional guitarists demand: a balanced shape, hotter pickups and a wider tonal range. The Preacher by Ovation.

Imagine the possibilities of stereo.

A mono/stereo jack lets you plug the Preacher into two amplifiers or into both channels of a single amp. The stereo jack spilts pickup output. That means you can set the-fingerboard pickup with a warm, throaty tone in channel one. In the other channel, you can set the bridge pickup with a strong, - dirty lead tone. Preset the volume, tone, reverb or tremelo on each channel - there's a whole palette of tonal colors to choose from. Just by switching pickups, The Preacher has other refinements as well: unique double coil pickups that are 20db quieter than most humbucking pickups, a full two-octave neck that is glued and bolted for added sustain, individually adjustable brass saddles for perfect intonation Jumbo frets for smoother action and easier string bending. The Preacher. It's the first solid body electric guitar to make stereo a reality.

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