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1978 Guild B302F fretless bass
1978 Guild B302F fretless The B302F is the fretless version of the Guild B302, which, along with the B301 were Guilds new bass offerings for the late 1970s. Guild hadn't really came up with a innovative bass design since the low-selling Jetstar of the mid-1960s. This is not to say they didn't make fantastic basses; far from it, but the Starfire, JS and Bluesbird (M-85) basses of the late 1960s - mid 1970s could all be said to be derivatives of designs by Gibson (the EB2, EB0/3 and Les Paul bass respectively). So the B301/302 series was something new, not just in looks; it had a new design bridge and pickups too, although the actual construction (mahogany body, set mahogany neck) was traditional Guild. This bass paved the way for many new bass designs into the 1980s, some very unusual indeed. Have a listen to this bass here.
1967 Guild Capri CE-100
1967 Guild Capri CE-100 A closer look at a 1967 Guild CE-100. The Capri was a full-depth archtop, and Guild's first guitar with a Florentine cutaway - and a very sucessful model too; staying in the Guild catalogue in one form or another from 1958 until 1984. Stylistic similarities between models such as the ES-125C and ES-175 can be made, but this guitar is every bit as good quality as the better known Gibsons.
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Guild advertisement (1978)
Guild B-301 electric bass

Guild advertisement (1978) Let out your bass instincts

Guild advertisement (1978)

Let out your bass instincts

String advert for Guild roundwound, flatwound and groundwound strings. Features John McVie of Fleetwood Mac with a Guild B-301A bass


Other adverts for the Guild B-301 electric bass
Guild B-301 - Here Now! Guild B-301Guild B-301 - Here Now! Guild B-301
Early advert for Guilds redesigned solid bodies ofthe mid/late Seventies
Its the first in a whole new generation of solid bodies by Guild

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Vintage 1971 Guild M-85 II Electric Bass Burgundy Plays Great All Original HSC

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Vintage 1971 Guild M-85 II Electric Bass Burgundy Plays Great All Original HSC

Current price: £1486.70
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Time left: 5d 22h 41m
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родственник Comment left 14th January 2014 08:08:07
It says that the Guild B appeared in 1976. But in the Soviet Union was the bass guitar Rodin, and he did v1970 year. I wanted to ask, who knows more bass this hull shape? Is there a common ancestor Rodin and the Guild?
Brian Smallwood Comment left 23rd March 2014 11:11:41
Hello I have a Guild 301 with an EMG pickup and a BadAss bridge on it. In Beautiful shape, I was wondering what it is worth. Could You give me some info on it. Thanks Brian
Vintage Guitar and Bass Comment left 25th March 2014 22:10:26
In good condition the one-pickup B301 basses typically sell for Ј400-Ј600 (UK) / $400-$600(US), depending on the usual criteria. The value of your bass will be less, but how much depends on the extent of the modifications. Was the pickguard changed or cut? Was the body routed to accommodate the new pickup? In any case, these are great playing basses, and in any functional condition, will have some value, most likely Ј300-Ј400

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