Ovation advertisement (1977)

How Ovation took a hint from the 50s

Ovation Breadwinner, Ovation Deacon 1252, Ovation Preacher, Ovation Viper

Ovation advertisement (1977) How Ovation took a hint from the 50s

1977 Rose-Morris Ovation advert. Rose-Morris were the UK distributors for Ovation guitars

You remember the Bands of the 50's. The sounds they made were exciting, raunchy and alive. But those sounds were heavy with hum and very rough and ready indeed. Guitars in those early rock days were usually badly made even though they produced an amazing sound. Ovation have taken a hint from the 50's, added their own expertise and produced an amazing guitar. Great 50's sounds but without hum or background noise. It's called the Viper. Single pole pick-ups, 25 1/2 inch scale length, Schaller Machine Heads, light, contoured body, superb sustain. Really raunchy rock or a clean country sound.

The Breadwinner on the other hand, is built to give you tomorrow's sounds. It's the first solid body to have a built-in FET pre amp. This means that the low impedance double pole Ovation pick-ups can be used with a high impedance amp. Which produces less hum and more sound, a recording engineer's dream. There's an electronic notch switch which controls the phasing between pick-ups, producing some surprising mid-range tone variations. It has an unusual shape that makes it really comfortable to play The scale length is 24 3/4".

The Ovation Deacon is the beautiful deluxe version of the Breadwinner. And is also available as a twelve-string.

Both the Breadwinner and the Deacon come in a selection of colours - White, Black, Tan, Red. The Deacon is also available in a sunburst finish.

If the Viper creates the sounds of the 50's. And the Breadwinner is the sound of tomorrow. Then the Ovation Preacher is definitely the guitar of the next century.

The sounds you can produce with it bring any sort of music to life. From jazz to the heaviest rock; sweet and bright sounds or as dirty as you like.

The new double pole pick-ups produce more sustain and virtually eliminate "noise" - leaving only what the player intends. The Preacher can be played in stereo or mono and a split lead is provided. It has a double cut-away for easy access to the top register and the fingerboard is semi-flat to give easy note pulling and bending. The scale length is 24 3/4".

All the Ovation solid bodies have Ovation Schaller Machine Heads. These are smooth and positive which means they don't slip or lose accuracy.

They all have bronze bridges which improve sustain. They all have fully adjustable detachable necks. And plush lined cases are available to protect your investment

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