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Todays Most Sensational Guitar Sound - Rickenbacker advertisement (1964)

Rickenbacker 1995, Rickenbacker 1996, Rickenbacker 1999 bass

Rickenbacker advertisement (1964) Todays Most Sensational Guitar Sound

Early sixties British Rickenbacker advert - placed by UK distributor Rose Morris. It advertises three Rickenbacker export models: the 1995, 1996 and 1999 - equivalent to the US models 615, 325 and 4001 bass.
Listen to the 'Beatles' John and George... Thats the Great Rickenbacker Sound
This advert appeared at the height of Beatlemania - John Lennon and George Harrison had popularised Rickenbackers in the UK. Paul McCartney had been offered a Rickenbacker bass in 1964, but didn't actually accept one until the summer of 1965.



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Rickenbacker 1996 - Rickenbacker The Beatle BackerRickenbacker 1996 - Rickenbacker The Beatle Backer
After John Lennon (and George Harrison) popularised Rickenbacker guitars in the early to mid 1960s a number of models were launched specifically for the European market. They were distributed by th...

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1964 Rickenbacker 1000 C150-18 MapleGlo Guitar

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1975 Rickenbacker 360 Azureglo Blue Vintage Electric Guitar

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Vintage 1960's Electro/Rickenbacker Lap Steel Guitar W/ Case

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vintage guitar classics calendar 1992 rickenbacker,gibson,gretsch

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