Fender Competition Mustang bass, Gibson Melody Maker, Epiphone Granada
Fender Competition Mustang bassGibson Melody MakerEpiphone Granada3
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In to the future... from out of the past - G&L advertisement (1980)

G&L F100-1, G&L F100-2, G&L L-1000 bass, G&L L-2000 bass

G&L advertisement (1980) In to the future... from out of the past

1980 advert featuring two basses (L-1000 and L-2000) and two guitars (F100-1 and F100-2)



Other related vintage advertisements
G&L L-1000 - Dee Murray - Bassist ExtraordinaireG&L L-1000 - Dee Murray - Bassist Extraordinaire
Early eighties advert for the G&L L-1000 bass, featuring Elton John's bass player Dee Murray
G&L F100-1 - Its the finest vibrato everG&L F100-1 - Its the finest vibrato ever
The G&L F100-I was already a couple years old when this advert was first placed. The model shown is actually the F-100-IE with on-board pre-amp - note the coil-tap (red switch) and phase (black swi...
G&L L-2000 - The Choice of the ProfessionalG&L L-2000 - The Choice of the Professional
Advertisement for the G&L L-2000E electric bass, shown in tobacco sunburst finish
G&L L-2000 - Tower of Power Bassist/Vocalist Vito San Filippo and his G&L L-2000E BassG&L L-2000 - Tower of Power Bassist/Vocalist Vito San Filippo and his G&L L-2000E Bass
"This bass is a quality instrument. It has tremendous response, both physically and electronically"

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