Gibson advertisement (1981)

The Thrill of Victory

Gibson Victory Artist bass, Gibson Victory Standard bass

Gibson advertisement (1981) The Thrill of Victory

Get your hands on the new Victory Bass, by Gibson. Success has never felt so good. Or so comfortable. From narrower high frets to the deep cutaway body design, An adjustable neck pitch and new neck shape give you even more fast action and playability. And the feel is so balanced, you'll swear it's a part of you. This Gibson bass is destined to be number one. With sound unequaled on the stage. Or in the studio. Hold it back for light, smooth jazz. Or rip it wide open to heavy rock. No matter hom you play Victory, you'll look great doing it. Because new molded black pickups and a reshaped pickguard add extra class to the sleek Victory Standard or deluxe Artist model. If you're going to play, play to win. With Victory Bass, by Gibson.

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Gibson Victory Standard - When a Bass Sounds This Good, You Just Can
Gibson Victory Standard - When a Bass Sounds This Good, You Just Can't Keep it To Yourself
Featuring Dave Kiswiney, bass player with Ted Nugent, holding a Candy Apple Red Gibson Victory Artist bass.

Also featured are: Dave Wolford, Dave Pegg (Jethro Tull), Ralphe Armstrong (Mahavi...
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