Gibson advertisement (1981)

The Fusion by Howard Roberts and Gibson

Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion

Gibson advertisement (1981) The Fusion by Howard Roberts and Gibson

Gibson, the number one name in guitars, and Howard Roberts a number one name in guitar legends, have created a guitar so new you have to play it to believe it.

Imagine an instrument with versatility second to none. From jazz to rock to fusion... this milestone can do it all. And it's all made possible by a totally new body design and electronic configuration that features a mellowed-out Gibson Humbucking jazz front pickup and a scorching all-new Gibson "Super Humbucking" back beauty for sizzling rock as hot as you'll ever want to play it. Couple this totally new body design with a shape so comfortable you won't want to put it down. Add features like an Ebony fingerboard, "Sustain Sisters" (two 5/8" brass studs), and the Gibson TP-6 tailpiece... and you have a guitar you'll have to own. Even the internal design offers the ultimate in tonal response.

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