Gibson advertisement (1980)

A Shape You've Seen. The Sound You're Looking For.

Gibson 335-S

Gibson advertisement (1980) A Shape You

The Gibson 335S range was comparatively short-lived, with production from 1980-82 only. As the name suggests these were solid-body versions of the classic semi-acoustic Gibson ES335TD. It came in three models, in ascending price point: the Standard, Custom and Deluxe.

Meet the Gibson 335-S. You've seen the same good looking shape on Gibson thin line electrics. Now it's on a solid body that rocks. With the hard edged sound and high energy response that have made Gibson solid bodies the choice of so many rock headliners.
The shape not only looks good. it feels good. A graceful double cutaway makes those highs easier to get into. All the way up to the 22nd fret. And the increased mass and density provides outstanding sustain that really lets you play it like you feel it.
There are three styles of the 335-S the Standard. Custom and Deluxe. Pick the one that's right for you. The 335-S Standard has a solid maple body and neck with exposed Gibson Humbucking split coil pickups, so they'll hear you from the back row. And to heat your sound a little more. The Custom and Deluxe are equipped with scorching Dirty Fingers pickups. Both Custom and Deluxe models have solid mahogany bodies. And the 335-S Deluxe features a brass fingerboard nut for added sustain and Gibsons Fine Tuning TP 6 Tailpiece."
The three solid bodies have the good looks and comfortable shape that used to be available only on thin line electrics. And the price is comfortable, too
...they start at $499.
Gibson 335-S Solid Body Series You've seen their shape. Now wait'll you hear their sound.

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