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Guild advertisement (1980)
Guild B-302 electric bass

Guild advertisement (1980) David "Rook" Goldflies - the Allman Brothers Band / Guild B-302

Guild advertisement (1980)

David "Rook" Goldflies - the Allman Brothers Band / Guild B-302

David plays a hard-driving, progressive style. "I like the feel of the B-302AF," he says. "The maple neck is well-proportioned, the balance is very good. and the weight is right. It's comfortable to play—sitting or standing." Something else David likes is the ash body, with its extra sustain.


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Guild B-302 - Guild B-302. Makes You Glad YouGuild B-302 - Guild B-302. Makes You Glad You're A Bass Player
The greatest bass we've ever built, with everything you want for the way you play today! Long-scale curved fingerboard. Wide frets. New solid brass bridge/tailpiece for perfect intonation. New doub...
Guild B-302 - Derek Holt. Climax Blues Band / Guild B-302Guild B-302 - Derek Holt. Climax Blues Band / Guild B-302
Derek Holt has been the solid, hard-driving bass player of the Climax Blues band since its early days. "My B-302 can take everything i give it", he says. "The neck and fingerboard are what I was lo...

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Toots Comment left 11th December 2013 14:02:22
I had a couple of these basses that I fell in LOVE wtih !! One of them, though, has an extra switch by the pick-up switch and the trust rod cover (model number) says B-302 S. can anybody tell me if they know what the "S" stands for on the model number !?? I have not seen another like it at all, could it be a rare edition B-302 ??
Vintage Guitar and Bass Comment left 11th December 2013 14:02:49
Does this guitar have stereo wiring? It was an option on the B-302 (see the relevant 1978 catalogue page here) although is by no means common. Certainly an interesting (and rare) variation of this bass.

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