Epiphone advertisement (1966)

Jazz guitarist Howard Roberts - Color Him Incredible

Epiphone Howard Roberts

Epiphone advertisement (1966) Jazz guitarist Howard Roberts - Color Him Incredible

1966 advertisement for Epiphone guitars featuring Howard Roberts and his 'funky' style of jazz guitar playing. The image shown is from the the original vinyl cover of Roberts' first album on Capitol, 'This is Howard Roberts - Color Him Funky', from 1963.

In 1966 when this advertisement was posted, the Howard Roberts signature guitar was available in two versions, the Standard had been shipping for 2 years, the Custom just one. These were actually the last guitars added to the Epiphone line before all were deleted and production moved to Japan in 1970.

This self-taught artist plays "funky" ... a new jazz form that is hard-driving and blues-inflected ...played with an earthy and unpretentious style that still explores all the latest harmonic abstractions. Its hard-swinging, glistening sound has been likened to fire-engine red by one music critic.

Howard's choice of guitars is Epiphone... a guitar you can color bright and shiny with superb quality, sound, and performance.

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