Gibson advertisement (1961)

Solid Hit

Gibson SG custom

Gibson advertisement (1961) Solid Hit

The first advertisement for a true icon in the world of guitars; the Gibson SG (although still known as the Les Paul at this time). The advertisement features Les Paul and his then wife Mary Ford, and hails from August 1961.

Les Paul and Mary Ford: two solid hits on the list of all-time guitar greats. With their own brand of sound, big and bright... with special stylings and effects - they reach listeners through every medium. Whether it's radio, night club, TV, a Columbia recording, or a dinner engagement... Les and Mary are always a solid hit - and it's always with their Gibson guitars.

Just out - and a solid success with guitar players - are the new Les Paul Model solid body Gibsons: Ultra thin, hand contoured, double cutaway... with new Gibson Vibrato and the famous "fretless wonder" neck (a low, fast action neck giving the ultimate in playing ease and mobility).

This dynamic Les Paul series is an exciting new approach to the solid body guitar. Beauty in gleaming white or cherry red that must be seen. Wonderfully clear bell-like tone that must be heard. Fast action that should be tried... soon. By Gibson, of course.

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