Fender advertisement (1967)

Wherever you go you'll find Fender

Fender Jazzmaster

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Fender advertisement (1967) Wherever you go you

Advert for the Fender full line catalog, featuring a man boarding a London routemaster bus with a Fender Jazzmaster guitar strapped to his back.

This is one of a series of interesting Fender advertisements with the same title, and the theme of guitars in unexpected locations.

Boarding a bus with a Fender Jazzmaster


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Fender Jazzmaster - Boy I Can
Fender Jazzmaster - Boy I Can't Wait
'til I get my new Fender Guitar and Amp

Early sixties Fender Jazzmaster advert
Fender Jazzmaster - The most imitated guitar in the world
Fender Jazzmaster - The most imitated guitar in the world
Early sixties Fender advert for three guitars and one bass - the Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Stratocaster and Jazz bass, highlighting the design and components that made these guitars: bridges, pickups, etc
Fender Jazzmaster - You Won
Fender Jazzmaster - You Won't Part With Yours Either
In 1964-67 Fender ran a series of adverts entitled "You won't part with yours either"; each one illustrated by a Fender user with an unusually strong attachment to their guitar, taking them surfing...
Fender Jazzmaster - You won
Fender Jazzmaster - You won't part with yours either
Mid sixties Fender advertisement for the Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar and Fender King acoustic; both strapped to the back of a Porsche sports car.
Fender Jazzmaster - Get Fenderized
Fender Jazzmaster - Get Fenderized
Heavily promoted advert / Competition for Fender in 1967, giving the opportunity to win a 'bandfull' of instruments. The first prize was a Fender Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitar, Jazz bass, Bassman an...
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