Hofner advertisement (1967)

Hofner The World's Most Popular Guitars!

Hofner Verithin, Hofner 500/1 bass, Hofner Verithin bass

Hofner advertisement (1967) Hofner The World

Advertisement for the range of Hofner guitars available in 1967 - showing an example of a Spanish-style acoustic (Hofner Vienna), a bass (500/1 violin 'Beatle' bass), a thinline electric acoustic (the Verithin) and a flat top Country and Western-style acoustic (model 491).

What's your choice? Classic finger style? Acoustic or electroc-acoustic with Florentine styling? Perhaps you favour a country-western or a violin bass similar to Paul McCartney's?

The Verithin shown has the new 'Verithin 66' double Florentine cutaway body style, quite distinct from earlier Venetian cutaway examples.

This advertisement was placed by Selmer in the UK. Selmer had long been the Hofner distributor in the UK, alongside several other brands (Gibson, Hagstrom, and previously Fender)

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Hofner Verithin - Hofner Have Done The Impossible
Hofner Verithin - Hofner Have Done The Impossible
They've improved their range of electro-acoustic guitars
Mid sixties ad for four Hofner electro-acoustic guitars: the Verithin 66, new Ambassador, President and Senator
Hofner 500/1 - All the Best Groups Base Themselves on Selmer
Hofner 500/1 - All the Best Groups Base Themselves on Selmer
British advert by Selmer featuring a number of basses distributed by them in 1968. Basses by Hofner, Hagstrom and Fender. From 35 guineas (Hofner solid-body) to 255 guineas (Gibson EB2)
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