Gibson advertisement (1981)

Sounds Like... All Of 'Em

Gibson Victory MV II, Gibson Victory MV X

Gibson advertisement (1981) Sounds Like... All Of

Mid-late eighties advertisement for Gibson's new Victory MV (or Multi-Voice) series of guitars. Though the MVII is mentioned, the MVX is the real focus of the advert. With it's Fenderesque body style and three pickups, the MV X was aimed at Stratocaster users.

Victory MV X... Ten distinct sounds from one great new guitar

This is echoed by the recording studio image - with the guitar doing the job of a selection of other guitars, including Les Pauls, Stratocasters and the then-new offering from G&L, the F100.

The reference to "country cookin'" places the MV II squarely in the Telecaster territory - despite having the same Strat body styling of the MV X.

The Victory series were certainly innovative guitars, cleverly engineered, and with very wide tonal palettes. They did a great job at being ten guitars in one, but sales were never sufficiently high to keep this model in the Gibson line beyond 1984. In fact the Victory bass series - highly unusually in the history of Gibson - outlived and significantly outsold it's six string sibling!

Interestingly enough, the guitar in the image is the same demo instrument pictured in the 1981 pre-owners and owners manuals - with the image apparently doctored to represent a production model - the words 'Victory' and 'MVX' seem to have been added to the headstock and truss rod cover respectively.

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