Gibson advertisement (1963)

Tony Mottola has a New Sound

Gibson ES-355TD-SV, Gibson GA-77 Vanguard amplifier

Gibson advertisement (1963) Tony Mottola has a New Sound

Tony Mottola was well respected session and studio musician of the 1950s and 60s, working with dozens of artists, most notably Frank Sinatra. He is shown here advertising the Gibson range of amplifiers, and the ES-355TD-SV stereo thinline guitar.

Tony Mottola is always looking for ways to improve the fidelity of his sound. When the new Gibson amplifiers were introduced we sent one for Tony to try.
Tony's reaction? He latched onto that new Gibson amplifier and he's using it for all his recording sessions and playing dates. Any comment? Tony says "My new Gibson Vanguard provides the truest, most sensitive amplication I've ever heard"

He also appeared in various Gibson publications around the time, using a similar image from the same photo-shoot: in the 1960 catalogue with the GA-88S Stereo Twin and the previous version of the GA-77 Vanguard, and again in 1962 with just the Vanguard. Finally, an illustration of Mottola by Canadian artist Neil Boyle based on an image from this session was used in 1965, as part of a series on endorsing jazz artists.

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