Epiphone advertisement (1965)

Portrait of Guitar Genius with Gifted Guitar

Epiphone Caiola

Epiphone advertisement (1965) Portrait of Guitar Genius with Gifted Guitar

The first advertisement for the new Al Caiola guitars featuring the Al Caiola Custom. Caiola had been a Gibson endorser for some years, previously being pictured with the Epiphone Casino, but in 1963 his own signature model was released, being joined by a beautifully appointed 'Custom' model in 1966.

Another advertisement for the Caiola guitars would follow in 1966

Come on, now! it's not a Rubens... it's just a photograph of Al Caiola and his Epiphone guitar.
Okay! Anyone who has heard Al's incredibly beautiful sound and versatile stle say he's touched with genius.
I agree.
What? Epiphone guitars are gifted? Oh... they're gifted with superior quality. And that's why artists like Al Caiola use them. And less gifted guitar players who could use a little help should be playing Epiphones.

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Epiphone Caiola - Tasty Guitar
Epiphone Caiola - Tasty Guitar
Mid-sixties Epiphone advert for the Caiola; a guitar named after, and produced for, Artist Al Caiola.

The sound of Al Caiola and his Epiphone guitar is that: tasty. Music played with taste -...
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