Vox advertisement (1961)

Vox Ace Precision Guitar

Vox Ace

Vox advertisement (1961) Vox Ace Precision Guitar

This very early British advert for the Vox Ace appeared in Melody Maker magazine in late 1961. This was of course a JMI-produced instrument, put together in Dartford, UK.

The Vox Ace shown is an early example with 'wide' chrome covered pickups - though without the edge binding of the examples pictured in advertising less than a year earlier. The Ace was very much the flagship model of the earliest (pre-Phantom) Jennings produced guitars, and appeared in the majority of advertising circa 1960/61. The de luxe tremolo was an important feature as it offered the vibrato effect popularised at the time by Hank Marvin of the Shadows. This was all about to change, however, with a number of new models (including the Phantom) being offered by October 1961.

The Vox Ace Electric Solid guitar is fitted with the patented VOX de luxe tremolo Arm Unit providing the effects featured by the famous "Shadows" group and others

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