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Gibson Flattops

Gibson advertisement (1971) Here

We're giving you an unprecedented peek into the heart of a new Gibson Flattop guitar. Beneath the surface of this beauty is a sound distribution center called "bracing". It's probably the most important part of the guitar, because the very first string vibrations are received here. It's vitally important that they start out right. Gibson, in a constant effort to improve its already great flattop guitars, has developed the NEW symmetrical bracing design. It's patented and that means only Gibson has it. Exclusive symmetrical bracing allows the use of lighter tops without sacrifice of strength. Response is above excellence because vibrations are distributed evenly to all areas of the top. If you demand tonal purity beyond recall, and response that knows no peer, stop in at your local Gibson dealer and try the ALL NEW Gibson Flattop with symmetrical bracing.

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Gibson flattop guitar advert from 1972
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