Ampeg advertisement (1972)

Ampeg VT-22. 80 Pounds of Undying Devotion

Ampeg VT-22 amplifier

Ampeg advertisement (1972) Ampeg VT-22. 80 Pounds of Undying Devotion

Gazing upon the inevitable soccer field of human emotion; Devotion; stands alone on the sidelines of posterity. It cannot be seen with the eye; or seized with the hand; but peel away the ever changing; chromeplated; vinyilized skin of obscurity; and there. . . There it is; as perpetually melodic as the bosom of mother nature herself; yet: quiet as unlit dynamite - Motionlessly waiting to perform the one and only purpose of its hundred watted existence; and that is; to serve. It is said that devotion cannot be bought or sold. We happen to think differently.
You can find vT-22 and other devotees to the brotherhood of the V wherever AMPEG makes its mark.

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Ampeg VT-22 - Ampeg Adventure Comics
Ampeg VT-22 - Ampeg Adventure Comics
In this issue: the amp that short circuited the world - comic-style Ampeg advert for the 100 watt 2x12 VT-22 all-valve guitar combo

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