Gibson Melody Maker, Harmony H22 bass, Vox Ultrasonic
1969 Gibson Melody Maker guitarHarmony H22 bassVox Ultrasonic guitar, with built-in effects
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New Thunderstar Amplifier By Guild - Guild advertisement (1969)

Guild Starfire, Guild Thunderstar amplifier

Guild advertisement (1969) New Thunderstar Amplifier By Guild

Late sixties advert for the new Guild Thunderstar amp. Also features a Guild Starfire V electric guitar.
Guild's recently developed high-projection speaker system gives you a bigger, cleaner sound ... because it is housed in a specially sealed, tuned enclosure. Use ThunderStar with guitar, bass or organ. It has 2 channels (normal and tremolo), each with 2 inputs, each with own 3-position tone switch. 50 watts power, reverb and tremolo with foot switch control, provision for dolly attachment... much, much more



Other related vintage advertisements
Guild Starfire - Whatever Your Style of Playing You Will Ultimately Choose a GuildGuild Starfire - Whatever Your Style of Playing You Will Ultimately Choose a Guild
UK advert for Guild guitars placed by British distributors Besson. Two guitars are shown, the Starfire V electric acoustic and a Guild acoustic flat top
Guild Starfire - Guild Quantum Bass AmplifierGuild Starfire - Guild Quantum Bass Amplifier
Delivers that hard-driving, up-front, "Motown"-type sound - without going through the engineers control board
1967 add showing two members of the Blues Project; Steve Katz playing a Guild Starfi...
Guild Starfire - Guitars Amplifiers StringsGuild Starfire - Guitars Amplifiers Strings
Features the Starfire V guitar, the Starfire bass II, Thunderstar bass amp, and the F-47 Bluegrass flat top
Guild Thunderstar - Guild AmplifiersGuild Thunderstar - Guild Amplifiers
We build them great like we build our guitars
Advert for the following Guild guitar, bass and PA amps: Thunderstar bass, ThunderBass 1-A, Seven-forty-seven, Quantum X, CS-100 sound column, Thund...
Guild Starfire - Buddy Guy Blues BandGuild Starfire - Buddy Guy Blues Band
1970 Guitar Player advert featuring Buddy Guy's band - Buddy uses a Starfire SF IV through a Thunderbird guitar amp. The bass player uses a Starefire SF bass through a Quantum X amplifier
Guild Starfire - Guild Electrics. Are you trying to make it without oneGuild Starfire - Guild Electrics. Are you trying to make it without one
Advert for the S-90, S-100 SF-V (starfire) and M75 Guild six strings
Guild Starfire - If you dont own at least one thin hollow-body electric, you shouldGuild Starfire - If you dont own at least one thin hollow-body electric, you should
Black and white advert for the Guild Starfire SF-4 six string guitar
Guild Starfire - Guild Starfire 4. Freedom UnlimitedGuild Starfire - Guild Starfire 4. Freedom Unlimited
A great looking Starfire 4 in Sunburst finish.

The way to go for the body style that gives you greatest control over today's many musical forms and demanding techniques. Starfire's thin, dou...
Guild Starfire - Buddy Guy and GuildGuild Starfire - Buddy Guy and Guild
ELECTRIC BLUES BY BUDDY GUY - a pro's pro because he's done it all. The Road. Clubs. Concerts. Sessions. Always swinging with a Guild. Buddy's Guild gives back all the charged-up energy he pours in...

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