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Guild Humbuckers - Guild advertisement (1974)

Guild S-100, Guild JS bass

Guild advertisement (1974) Guild Humbuckers

Advertising new-design humbuckers for Guild guitars and basses; replacing the Guild single coil pickup on the guitars and Hagstrom Bisonic on the basses.

Guild humbucking pick-ups have new wiring, new controls. Theres a phase switch for reversing polarity on all S-100 guitars. Guild basses have a tone switch to help you get those tight-hard or full-bottom sounds, and anything in between.
Interestingly enough the S-100 pictured has no phase switch, suggesting an older image

Advert for the new humbuckers fitted to Guild guitars and basses



Other related vintage advertisements
Guild S-100 - New Anti-Hum Pick-Ups on All Guild Guitars and BassesGuild S-100 - New Anti-Hum Pick-Ups on All Guild Guitars and Basses
This advert from December 1971 doesn't say much; letting the guitars do the talking. From Top to bottom: M75, S-50, S-90, S-100, JS bass II and JS-bass II fretless
Guild S-100 - New Solid Bodies From GuildGuild S-100 - New Solid Bodies From Guild
Early seventies Guild advert for their solid body range - featuring the new S-100, the JS basses, and the solid-body version of the BluesBird. The guitars pictured are the early versions - old styl...
Guild JS - Maybe its time you played a different bass!Guild JS - Maybe its time you played a different bass!
Black and white advert for the solid body JS II (fretted and fretless) and M-85 II basses, and the hollow body Starfire SF-bass II
Guild S-100 - Guild Electrics. Are you trying to make it without oneGuild S-100 - Guild Electrics. Are you trying to make it without one
Advert for the S-90, S-100 SF-V (starfire) and M75 Guild six strings
Guild S-100 - Solid GuildGuild S-100 - Solid Guild
Black and White advert for the S-100 standard guitar, and JS bass 2. Both are fitted with the newly introduced Guild humbuckers.

In this case the guitar is actually an S-100 SC (standard c...
Guild S-100 - Guild S-100 solidy bodyGuild S-100 - Guild S-100 solidy body
It'll change your mind about electrics

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