Fender advertisement (1969)

Power Tower

Fender XFL1000 amplifier

Fender advertisement (1969) Power Tower

Fender's Super Showman XFL1000 for 1969, a new adventure in sound, style and design. From the whisper of Blues to the boom of hard Rock, every note and tone is perfection. Wall-to-wall sound explodes when Fender's ear-splitting Super Showman is turned on and the band is tuned in! A Tower of Power for your big sound.
A piggy-back Pre-Amp contains three channels with fuzz. Reverb, Dimension IV and Vibrato, each speaker enclosure houses four 12" heavy duty speakers and two dynamic 70 watt RMS power amplifiers. Fender's Super Showman XFL 1000 System Includes one Pre-Amp and TWO complete speaker enclosures. This modular design permits the addition of multiple enclosures for a variety of configurations. Each XFL 1000 speaker module produces 140 RMS power & 400 watts peak power

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