Ovation advertisement (1969)

100 Watt 'Little Dude' Mini Module

Ovation Thunderhead, Ovation Little Dude amplifier

Ovation advertisement (1969) 100 Watt

"Little Dude" will turn out the sound of amps twice its size. Clear, clean, glass-shattering trebles. Solid, funky basses that boom. Yet this 100 watt, solid state amp is just 26" high, 22" wide and 14" deep. Complete with preamp, power amp, 15" speaker and mid-range horn. Plus bass boost, top boost, reverb - and reverb foot switch. List price is just $550 (bass with no horn $465). Slave units (100 watt power amp but no preamp) at $390. Stack 'em or spread 'em. Where else can you get so much for your money, so much power in such a little package? These self-contained units will go in your car trunk or back seat. The Ovation sound is getting 'round, and you never heard it so good. Hear for yourself at your Ovation dealer's, just mail the coupon.

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