Gibson SG Special, Epiphone Rivoli bass, Hagstrom Coronado Bass
Gibson SG SpecialEpiphone Rivoli bassHagstrom Coronado bass
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1964 Vox AC-30 TB (JMI) NEW VIDEO - short documentary
2 replies
last message by jules

WEM Dominator Mk2 Giutar amp
0 replies
last message by Stevie G

Trying to ID & date an early Epiphone amp cabinet
3 replies
last message by OldFrets

1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb vs. 1961 Fender Bassman Purchase
4 replies
last message by ckngumbo

SWR California Blonde Amp Replacmemt Speaker
0 replies
last message by Swift_Kix

Does anyone know anything about this amp?
2 replies
last message by Tjaldur

Wem Dominator Bass Mark 1

Wem Dominator Bass Mark 1 - Another WEM from the early seventies. This time fitted with one Celestion G15M 15" speaker. A great amp with some great tones. Pictures and quite a few soundclips recorded with some older vintage basses.

Wem Clubman Mark 8

Wem Clubman Mark 8 - Early seventies British valve amplifier, fitted with one 12" speaker. This is a simple practice amp, but with some great tones. Pictures and short demonstration soundclips recorded with various vintage guitars.

Epiphone Constellation EA72 bass amplifier

Epiphone Constellation EA72 - Epiphone's mid sixties bass amplifier, fitted with one 15" speaker. This amplifier was shipped between 1964 and 1967, with an upgraded version the EA72L (with a J.B. Lansing cone) available between 1966 and 1967.

Guild Quantum Bass Amp

Guild Quantum Bass - Guild's top of the range bass amp from the late 1960s. There were three different versions of this 100W amp designed for bass guitar, with three different speaker grades. The Quantum X, Quantum Bass Deluxe and Quantum Bass Standard.

Fender Quad Reverb

Fender Quad Reverb - Fenders 4x12" version of the Fender Twin. With reverb and vibrato. Page update.

1964 Ampeg B15

Ampeg B15 - The studio standard valve amp of the 1960s and 1970s. The Ampeg B15 and a Fender bass with flatwound strings is the bass tone of 1960s and 70s America. This page has numerous soundclips of a 1964 Ampeg B15N, so can be a little slow to load. Features such vintage basses as the Gibson EB3, EB3L, EB2D, EB0, Ripper, Hagstrom Concord, Coronado, Vox Bassmaster, Clubman, Fender Musicmaster, Kalamazoo KB bass etc.


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