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There are 6 comments on this article so far. Add your comment
Mark Keller Comment left 30th April 2013 06:06:28
Hi---DO you have any info on the Washburns 198-1983, especially the SB-40? Thanks, Mark Keller Groveport, OH
Daniel Coll Comment left 30th April 2013 06:06:32
I have a 60's (??) Candelas delgado Bros guitar. Dreadnought body with classical fret board. Wrote to delgodo bros and they think it may be one of five made for Jose feliciano. Would love to have an honest appraisal on it. It may well be a collectors piece.
dpboyce Comment left 30th April 2013 06:06:36
have acsess to 60s model 822 kent bass all original some damage to the face of the body from years of humidity, Florida, although it was stored in a closet. my question from a purely financial interest is should i buy it and have it reconditioned to keep or sell as a valuable collectable or would i be better off to pass it up?
neale hobday Comment left 30th April 2013 06:06:40
please help me find a Ampeg Bass Baby here in uk
J. Maymon Comment left 7th May 2013 22:10:15
Neale: I know of several Ampeg 'Baby' stand-up basses for sale here in the USA, but the prices are high, upwards of $2,500.00 USD for ones in nice condition which include the original Stand and carrying bag. Shipping to UK would add another chunk of cost to the price not to mention when it gets there, you will get hit with a VAT. But if you have the means, then contact me and I will get you one. I have sold and shipped Jaguar car parts to friends in the UK and AU and sold a Gibson bass to a fellow in Norway.
EB0MAN Comment left 26th July 2013 22:10:37
Hi guys & gals! I'm looking for some parts. 1) I need a replacenemt neck for a 34" scale Vox teardrop bass from the late '60's; 2) I'm looking for a bolt-on 24 3/4 scale length 12-string neck 3) I'm looking for a 34" scale replacement neck for a Yamaha sb 75 (battleship headstock) If THAT doesn't phase you , I'm looking for a bridge cove for a 1960's Fender Bass V (5 string, not 6) Any ideas? Write me at:

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