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Epiphone Professional Outfit

Thinline semi-solid guitar with accompanying anplifier

Epiphone Professional
Epiphone Professional
Epiphone 1962 full line catalogue1962 full line catalog

Here is a feature that all guitar players have been seeking. The new Epiphone (EA7P) Professional Outfit has all the controls for operating the amplifier on the guitar. gives the player a flexibility never before possible
Epiphone 1964 full line catalogue1964 full line catalog

The 1964 catalogue was the last to show the Epiphone Professional outfit in colour.
ModelProfessional EA7P(15w amp) EA8P (35w amp)
PickupsOne mini humbucker
Scale24 3/4"
Body16" wide (lower bout), 19" long, 1 3/4" thick. Single-ply binding
NeckRosewood fingerboard with pearl block inlays. Inlaid Epiphone logo and centre design on the headstock. 20 frets, body meeting the neck at the 17th fret.
HardwareVolume and tone control, five tonexpressor switches, tremolo on/off, depth and frequency control, reverb on/off and level control. Tune-O-matic bridge with frequensator tailpiece.

The Professional outfit was sold as a guitar and amplifier package. They are useless on their own! All controls for operating the amp are built into the guitar - as well as volume and tone, there is tremolo and reverb, tonal changes are "actuated by five 'tonexpressor' switches". The amplifier itself is 15w or 35w, and can not be used independently.

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EPIPHONE EA-8P Professional Primo Tube Set 7591

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RARE Choke for Epiphone Professional Outfit Guitar; 1962-67 Vintage 60's Gibson

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EPIPHONE EA-7P Professional Primo Tube Set EL84

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Dennis Morris Comment left 6th September 2012 17:05:35
re: the Professional. It isn't true that the guitar was "useless" without the special Professional amp. Years ago I had a Pro on trial for a week or so, as the previous owner's widow wanted to sell it. The guitar had two output jacks, one a military-looking connector for the special amp, and one a standard 1/4" jack. Look closely at the picture and you'll see the standard jack on the top. Using the standard jack you could play the Pro through a standard amp. Not that it was a great instrument or anything - I ended up not buying the thing. Just setting the record straight.
russ Comment left 9th January 2013 17:05:51
I have this set and it's a 65 guitar(bought seperatly)The guitar plays great and lots of tone for a single pick up guitar.Have had it about 10 years,a real oddity but very cool.
Arthur Forni Comment left 6th January 2015 06:06:46
Does anyone knows how many were produced between 62 and 67? In 65? I own a lefty one. Do you know how many were produced? thanks !

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