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Epiphone Newport, and Newport Deluxe

EBS, EBSF and EBD solid-body bass guitars.

Epiphone Newport
Epiphone Newport

Other Epiphone basses
Epiphone Embassy Deluxe
Epiphone Rivoli

Other related basses
Gibson EB0
Kalamazoo KB bass
Epiphone Newport forum posts
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Epiphone Newport - rare white finish
4 replies
last message by jules

'60s Epi Newport Electronics
1 replies
last message by jules

what year was the epi. newport introduced?
1 replies
last message by Dave W

Neck Through Epiphone Newport/Embassy/Coronet?
3 replies
last message by jules

ModelNewport EBS EBDEBSF EB6
PickupsOne large Gibson EB0 humbuckerOne large and one small humbuckerOne large Gibson EB0 humbuckerOne Epiphone mini-humbucker
Scale30 1/2"
BodyMahogany. 13" wide (lower bout), 17" long, 1 3/8" thick
NeckOne-piece mahogany, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. No binding, 20 frets. Double sided headstock, changing to the Epiphone batwing headstock in 1964.
Hardware1 volume and 1 tone control. Bar bridge with mute.2 volume and 2 tone control5. Bar bridge with mute.1 volume and 1 tone control. Built-in fuzz tone.1 volume and 1 tone control. Bar bridge with mute.
FinishesCherry and custom colours: Sunset Yellow, California Coral, Pacific Blue

Epiphone 1961 full line catalogue1961 full line catalog

The newest solid-body electric bassbrings you Epiphone quality at an exceptionally modest price

Epiphone 1962 full line catalogue1962 full line catalog

The double cutaway styling brings all frets within easy reach - slim fast, low action neck joins the body at the 17th fret

Epiphone 1964 full line catalogue1964 full line catalogue

This is the first catalogue to show the new-style asymetrical Newport, with four-in-line tuners
Epiphone 1966 full line catalogue1966 full line catalog

Epiphone is proud to present solid body instruments that offer the depth, the sharp treble, the biting tone and the virility that all guitarists seek from a solid body instrument
The Newport was the Epiphone equivalent to the single pickup Gibson EB0, whilst the Newport Deluxe EBD was equivalent to the double pickup Gibson EB3. The EBD was replaced in 1963 by the EBDL, the Epiphone Embassy Deluxe. Just like the EB range, a fuzztone EBSF (as opposed to EB0F) and six-string (EBS6, although sometimes listed as EB6) existed.

Epiphone EBSF Fuzztone bass guitar
Epiphone Fuzztone Newport, EBSF
see the 1962 Epiphone catalogue

1962 Epiphone Newport Deluxe
1962 Epiphone EBD Newport Deluxe
1965 Epiphone Newport
1965 Epiphone EBS Newport
The single pickup Newport was priced exactly the same as the EB0 ($240 at 1/10/66 prices). Like the EBOF a fuzzone version was made in very small numbers in the early sixties (Epiphone EBSF). Both EB0 and Newport were comparitively big sellers; the most sucessful Gibson and Epiphone basses of the period, but the Gibson always outsells the Epiphone, in this case 12874 to 2523 (Total sales of EB0:EBS 1961-69). Just 89 EBD double pickup models were made between 1961-63.

Other than the Olympic Special, all 1960s Epiphone solid body guitars and basses had the same body style (almost symetrical pre-1964, with a shortened lower horn thereafter), they are the Epiphone Crestwood Deluxe, Epiphone Crestwood Custom, Epiphone Wilshire, Epiphone Coronet and Epiphone Olympic guitars, and the Epiphone Newport and Epiphone Embassy Deluxe basses.

In the 1970s the Epiphone (now Japanese manufactured) launched a new bass dubbed Newport, however with a model number ET285. This was a double pickup instrument with a similar body shape. but a bolt-on neck and very different hardware.

Epiphone Newport Epiphone Newport Epiphone Newport

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steve daniel Comment left 10th February 2013 20:08:04
I badly need a hard case for my 65 Epiphone Newport bass. Can you recommend something that it will fit in. Do Epiphone make any cases that will work. thanks
Rick Lucero Comment left 25th October 2013 15:03:42
Hi Folks, Might anyone know where I might find the chrome Hand Rest that was on the Epiphone Newport Bass?, the same hand rest was also on Gibson EB0, EB2, EB3, Epiphone Rivoli, Kalamazoo KB bass. These hand rests were initially nickel plated, then chrome-plated from the mid 1960s. Looking for a chrome one, will also take a nickel plated one, willing to pay the bucks for one $$$ Thanks! Rick Lucero, Denver Co.

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