1961 Epiphone Emperor

1961 Guitars Basses Amplifiers catalogue page 3

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Epiphone 1961 full line catalogue, page 3. A description to some of the fine features of Epiphone guitars - illustrated with an Epiphone Emperor (E112T).

Long before Epiphone just produced Gibson-style guitars for beginner and intermediate players, they were famous for their very fine jazz guitars. They had some of the best luthiers in America working for them. CMI-owned Epiphone continued in this tradition, highlighting the very best electric acoustics above all else. As the name implies, the Emperor was indeed a very fine guitar.

This is quality that comes from excellence in design and construction, from continuous research and development, and from insistence upon quality in every detail. Epiphone guitars have always been known for their full round tone and deep resonance, and for their fine design and finish.

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1961 Epiphone full line catalogue page 3

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