Epiphone Emperor and Epiphone Sheraton

1961 Guitars Basses Amplifiers catalogue page 4

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Epiphone 1961 full line catalogue, page 4. Details of the Epiphone Emperor, E112T (Ephiphones finest guitar and proudest achievement) and Sheraton, E212T (a superb professional guitar, second only to the Emperor). Two very rare Epiphones made in incredibly small numbers - particularly the Emperor. Whilst the Emperor was all-Epiphone, the Sheraton perhaps owed a little more to the current trend in Gibson electric Spanish semi-acoustics. Initially both of these guitars were fitted with Epiphone New York pickups, changing in 1961 to mini humbuckers. This catalogue clearly straddles this change, as the Emperor is pictured with the former, the Sheraton with the latter.

Note that the Epiphone Sheraton is only listed as being available with a Tremotone vibrato. It was not until the next years catalogue that the option of the Frequensator tailpiece is mentioned as an option. These early vibrola-equipped guitars are given the same model designation as the later non-vibrola versions. See the Sheraton in the 1962 Epiphone catalogue and Sheraton shipping figures.

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1961 Epiphone full line catalogue page 4 - Details of the Epiphone Emperor and Epiphone Sheraton

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