Epiphone Broadway and Epiphone Zephyr

1961 Guitars Basses Amplifiers catalogue page 5

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Epiphone 1961 full line catalogue, page 5. Details of the Epiphone Broadway, (E252), and Epiphone Zephyr (E312T). These two guitars were very similar in a number of ways, sharing hardware, controls, body width and scale; the key difference was body depth, with the Zephyr being a thinline version of the full-body Broadway. The Broadway did also have some extra neck and headstock ornamentation, aswell as the Epiphone frequensator tailpiece, as shown here.

Epiphone Broadway: Performance to satisfy the most discriminating... full body cutaway Epiphone with extra depth of tone from a full resonant bass to a radiant treble

Epiphone Zephyr: ...offers outstanding professional quality and features: a clear, sparkling, sustaining tone... instant response... and comfortable-to-play size and shape

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1961 Epiphone full line catalogue page 5 - Epiphone Broadway and Epiphone Zephyr

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