Epiphone Windsor and Epiphone Casino

1961 Guitars Basses Amplifiers catalogue page 6

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Epiphone 1961 full line catalogue, page 6. Details of the Epiphone Windsor (E352T) and Epiphone Casino (E230T); possibly 1960s Epiphone's best and least known guitars on one page.

The Windsor was a very short-lived guitar, in some ways analagous to the far better-selling Gibson ES-125 TC, having the same short scale, and body dimensions with single cutaway. The single pickup version (pictured) might look like a student guitar, but it actually had gold-plated hardware and oval pearl neck inlays - like a somewhat more highly appointed Sorrento. These contradictory features no doubt aided it's quick deletion from the Epiphone range. Epiphone excellence in a graceful thin-body guitar of Florentine cutaway design with single pickup, offering amazing tonal range and handling ease.

By contrast, the Epiphone Casino was to become the guitar famously chosen by members of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks and many more influential bands of the 1960s. It sold well and still does to this day.

The Casino pictured here has typical early sixties features: black plastic covers, tremotone vibrato and the dot position markers only seen in it's first year. The Casino was only available at this time (at least according to this catalogue) fitted with the Tremotone vibrato, however the next catalogue, the 1962, pictures it with the more familiar trapeze tailpiece, listing the Tremotone as optional. It also has metal (nickel-plated) pickup covers and the parallelogram neck position markers.

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1961 Epiphone full line catalogue page 6 - Epiphone Windsor and Epiphone Casino

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