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Epiphone 1962 catalogue page 4

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Epiphone 1962 full line catalogue, page 4. Details of the Epiphone Broadway (E252), and Epiphone Zephyr (E312T). These two models were structurally the same guitar, save for body depth; the full-body (3 7/16") Broadway versus the thinline (1 7/16") Zephyr. The Broadway did have some extra ornamentation: headstock and fingerboard inlays, pickguard edging and frequensator tailpiece.

This was the last catalogue appearance of the Epiphone Zephyr, though the Broadway remained in the Epiphone line right up until US production ceased in 1969.

1962 list prices for these models were: Broadway $365 (Shaded) / $380 (Natural); Zephyr $290 (shaded) / $305 (Natural).

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1962 Epiphone full line catalogue page 4 - Details of the Epiphone Broadway and Epiphone Zephyr

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