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Epiphone 1962 full line catalogue. Details of the Epiphone Sorrento (E452T) and Epiphone Casino (E230T); Epiphone equivalents of the Gibson ES-125TC and ES-330TD thinlines. The guitars shown represent these models far better than the previous catalogue in terms of hardware and appointments.

The Casino pictured is quite different from the example shown in the 1961 Epiphone catalogue - this example has the parallelogram block inlays replacing the simpler dots, nickel-plated metal pickup covers (instead of black plastic) and a trapeze-style tailpiece instead of the Tremotone vibrato unit. Several variants are offered, each with different suffixes, describing them. T = Thinline, V = Vibrato, D = Dual pickup.

Likewise, the Sorrento had had some upgrades since it's appearance in the 1961 catalogue. It is shown here with inlaid Epiphone headstock logo (instead of the metal V-shaped logo), oval pearl neck position markers, and the white (rather than black) scratchplate; three features that would continue throughout the decade.

1962 US prices for these guitars were as follows:
Casino: ES230T $230, ES230TV $269.50, E230TD $275, E230TDV $314.50
Sorrento: E452T (and E452T 3/4) $215, E452TN $230, E452TD $280, E352TDN $295

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1962 Epiphone full line catalogue page 6 - Epiphone Sorrento and Epiphone Casino

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