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Epiphone 1962 full line catalogue. Details of the Epiphone Century (E422T) and Epiphone Granada (E444T). 1962 was the first year the Epiphone Granada appeared in a catalogue.

The Century shown has a white plastic covered P90 pickup, earlier versions were fitted with the old New York pickups, whilst later examples had the same dogear P90, but with a black plastic cover.

Both guitars shown are typical of the early 1960s Epiphone output - note the headstock style - this was the pre-Gibson style as used by Epiphone for many years. However for the first time, the Epiphone logos shown are silk-screened, rather than the V-shaped metal plate, previously used on non-inlaid Epiphone headstocks. Have a look at the Century in the 1961 Epiphone catalogue. By late 1963/early 1964, the peghead design was updated - perhaps because the old style was too similar to Gibson's own - changing to an attractive, and quite distinctive, 'widened top' curved shape. Compare these guitars to those shown in the 1964 Epiphone catalogue.

1962 US catalogue prices for these guitars were as follows: Granada E444T, $149.50; Century E442T $172.50.

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1962 Epiphone full line catalogue page 7 - Epiphone Century and Epiphone Granada

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