The Epiphone Emperor, Sheraton, Broadway, Caiola and Professional

Epiphone full line 1964 catalogue page 2

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Epiphone full line catalogue. Page 2 shows Epiphone's finest instruments: mostly thin-line (the exception being the Broadway, which is full-bodied) electric spanish jazz guitars, from the special-order only Emperor, to the professional amp/guitar outfit with amplifier controls built into the guitar's scratchplate. Naturally these were all semi-acoustic instruments (even the Caiola is hollow-bodied, despite the lack of f-holes.

Models shown are: Emperor, Sheraton, Broadway, Professional outfit, and the first catalogue inclusion of the Caiola; the signature model of Jazz musician Al Caiola. Descriptions continue on the next page.

The September 1964 prices of these guitars were as follows: Epiphone Emperor, $935; Sheraton, $580-645; Broadway, $415/435; Caiola, $550; Professional, $560/$670. The Sheraton came in a number of variations, accounting for the range in prices: with and without a Tremotone vibrato and in natural, shaded or cherry finishes.

In the thirties, it came about. Not all of a sudden, but in fits and starts, by trial and error, that's how the electric guitar and its accompanying amplifiers were developed. The acoustic guitar with its characteristic "f" holes was the basic Spanish instrument, and to amplify it, pickups were added. From this beginning, the instrument evolved. It became thinner, with a faster neck action and the acoustics were designed especially for pickups and amplification. Today the electric Spanish guitar is found everywhere... in orchestras, combos, jazz bands and as a featured solo instrument.

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1964 Epiphone full line catalogue page 2. The Epiphone Emperor, Sheraton, Broadway, Caiola and Professional

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