Epiphone Bard, Excellente, Frontier, El Dorado and Troubadour

Epiphone full line 1964 catalogue page 6, Flat Tops

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Epiphone 1964 full line catalogue. Page 6. Left hand page of a double page spread on Epiphone flat top acoustic guitars. This page shows four six string models: Excellente (FT 120), Frontier (FT 110/FT 110N), El Dorado (FT 90) and Troubadour (FT 98), and the twelve-string Epiphone Bard (FT 112).

1964 list prices (US zone 1 1/9/64) are as follows: Excellente, $570; Frontier, $290; Bard, $289.50; Troubadour, $285; and El Dorado, $220.

Two genuinely American fretted instruments are the flat top guitar and the banjo. The flat top guitar developed out of the needs of the early pioneers for a rugged instrument which could stand up under the rough treatment of settling a young and growing country. Its steel strings, more rugged body construction and deep rumbly bass tones are strictly American. It was and is used primarily as an instrument to accompany the human voice, featured in Folk, Country and Western, and Bluegrass music.

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1964 Epiphone full line catalogue page 6 - Bard, Excellente, Frontier, El Dorado and Troubadour

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