Epiphone Riviera, Howard Roberts, Sorrento, Casino, Century, and Granada

1966 Epiphone Electric Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 3

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Epiphone 1966 full line catalogue. Page 3. Details of a number of Epiphone thinline semi-acoustic guitars, including 1966's best-selling semi-acoustic the Epiphone Casino (E 230T, E 230TD, E 230TDV, E 230TDVC). Also shown are the Epiphone Riviera (E 360TD, E 360 TDV), Howard Roberts, and Howard Roberts Custom (HR-NE, HR-SE and HR-CE), Sorrento (E 452T, E 452TC, E 452TD, and E 452TDC), Epiphone Century (E 422T), and the first (and only) Epiphone catalogue appearance of the Epiphone Granada (E 444T, E 444TC).

1966 US zone 1 prices were as follows: Epiphone Riviera, $395-$435; Howard Roberts, $455; Howard Roberts Custom, $650; Sorrento, $279.50-$337.50; Casino, $285-$390; Century, $225 and Granada, $195-$219.

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1966 Epiphone full line catalogue page 3 - Details of the Riviera, Howard Roberts, and Howard Roberts Custom, Sorrento, Casino, Century, and Granada.

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