1982 Epiphone Sheraton promotional card

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The reissued Epiphone Sheraton of 1982 bore some comparison to the 1960s Gibson Kalamazoo-made original, with Frequensator tailpiece, pearl/abalone triangle block markers, and the famous tree of life headstock inlay. The old Natural/Shaded/Cherry finishes were updated though: a rich Antique Sunburst, as seen below, or Wine Red. The neck had changed from the typical 60s one-piece mahogany, to three piece laminate maple. The center block from maple to maple/mahogany.

In September 1982, the list price was $699.95. The US-produced ES-335 dot was $999 by comparison, though this was a lot plainer guitar; the more equivalently apointed ES-347 was $1399.

1982 Epiphone Sheraton promotional card - side 1 1982 Epiphone Sheraton promotional card - side 2

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