FENDER | CATALOGUES | 1963 1964 | PAGE 4

Fender Showman, Dual Showman, Twin Reverb, and Concert

Fender 1963/1964 catalog page 4

Fender 1963/1964 guitar catalogue. Page 4 begins a double page spread dedicated to Fender amplifiers. Although a total of ten amplifiers are included across pages 3-5, not all models in the Fender line are included in this catalogue. On this page, the 4x10" Fender Concert, the 1x12" or 1x15" Showman, the 2x15" Dual Showman, and the 2x12" Twin Reverb.

Fender amplifiers were considerably more expensive than their guitars. The July 1963 US list prices for these Fender amplifiers were as follows: Fender Dual Showman $915, Showman (15") $660; Showman (12") $625; Twin Reverb $469.50; Concert $369.50.

1963 1964 Fender guitar catalog page 4 - Fender Showman, Dual Showman, Twin Reverb, and Concert
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