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Fender 1963/1964 catalog page 7

Fender 1963/1964 guitar catalogue. Page 7. This page details a number of Fender steel guitars: Fender Deluxe 6, Fender Deluxe 8 and two, three and four-neck Fender Stringmaster. Also two steel guitar/amp packages: Fender Studio Deluxe set, Fender Champ student set. Finally, the Fender Echo Chamber is also included on this page.

Although not specifically mentioned here, the 2, 3 and 4 neck Stringmaster steel guitars were available as either 22 1/2" scale or 24 1/2" scale instruments - all other steel guitars shown on this page were 22 1/2" scale only.

These Fender steel guitars had a July 1963 price of: Deluxe 8 $119.50; Deluxe 6 $99.50; 2 neck Stringmaster $219.50-$249.50; 3 neck Stringmaster $329.50-$349.50; 4 neck Stringmaster $439.50-$449.50; Fender Echo Chamber $229.50. The Champ Student set retailed at $149.50, whilst the Studio Deluxe set was $243.45.

1963 1964 Fender guitar catalog page 7 - Fender steel guitars and echo chamber
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