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Fender 1964/1965 catalog page 7

Fender 1964/1965 guitar catalogue. Page 7. Details of the three Fender steel guitars, the Fender Deluxe 6, Fender Deluxe 8 and Fender Stringmaster; two steel guitar/amp packages: Fender Studio Deluxe set, Fender Champ student set; two acoustic guitars: Fender Concert and Fender King and the Fender electric mandolin. Also shown is the Fender Echo Chamber.

The descriptions of the two Fender acoustics are included (see the previous page for accompanying image) - though acoustic guitars were very much a new departure for Fender, the first models only launching in early 1963.

Fender company has recently introduced their first Acoustic Guitars. These fine instruments will set the standard to judge others. As the line of Fender acoustics grow, each will dominate it's field for fine tone, craftsmanship, durability, ease of playing and beauty. These facts will readily be seen wherever these fine instruments are displayed

1964 1965 Fender guitar catalog page 7 - Fender steel guitars, acoustic guitars and the Fender electric mandolin
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