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Fender Stratocaster, Precision bass, Jazz bass, 5-String bass and Bass VI

Fender 1965/1966 catalog page 3

Fender 1965/1966 guitar catalogue. Page 3. This page covers one guitar, the Fender Stratocaster (although the product description appears on page 4, and four models of electric bass: the four string Precision and Jazz, the 5-String bass, and the six-string Bass VI.

The 5-String bass was brand new for 1965, and this is one of the very first catalogue inclusions.

The Stratocaster guitar was available in several distinct variations, with a not insignificant variation in price. A standard sunburst Strat with no tremolo cost just $252 (US price, December 1965), or $281 with the tremolo. Adding a custom DuPont Duco finish raised this to $295. But the most luxurious Strat, with custom finish and gold-plated hardware was naturally the most expensive at $339.

A standard Precision bass in sunburst finish was listed at $223 (Blond or custom finish $234); less than the Stratocaster. The Jazz bass was more, $271 sunburst, or $285 with custom finish. The 5-string bass, and Bass VI are similarly priced: $319/$335 and $320/$336 respectively (sunburst finish/custom finish).

1965 1966 Fender guitar catalog page 3 - Fender Stratocaster, Precision bass, Jazz bass, 5-String bass and Bass VI
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