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1969 Fender bass catalogue

1969 Fender Bass Catalogue - Big Bass Sound of Fender

Catalogue Index

  1969 Fender bass catalogue - page 1
1969 Fender bass catalogue - page 2 1969 Fender bass catalogue - page 3
1969 Fender Bass Catalogue - Big Bass Sound of Fender  

This catalogue is undated but was most likely printed in late 1969, to announce the new Fender silverface bass amplifiers. It features Fender's entire range of bass guitars and bass amplifiers, of the time. It is a single folded sheet, measuring 12" x 8 1/2"

On the guitar front, older models like the Precision and Jazz join the new Telecaster bass. The other two models, the Mustang and Coronado (both released in 1966) have new finishes for 1969, the Competition Mustang (with racing-style stripes) and Antigua Coronado.

Amp-wise, all models can be considered new, at least to some extent. The Bassman had been around for many years, but the new 'silverface' version was shipping with a 2x15" speaker enclosure (rather than the 2x12" seen in the 1968 Fender catalogue). The Solid State amplifiers were first included in the '68 catalogue, but the other three models (Bantam, and Super Bassman I and II) were not listed in a full-line catalogue until 1970.

Click on the images for full size versions, or click on the model names below for more about each instrument

Coronado bass II
Telecaster Bass

Bantam Bassman
Super Bassman
Super Bassman II
Solid-State Bassman

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Russ Sutherland Comment left 3rd March 2012 10:10:27
Is this a full size catalog or a smaller brochure type? Thanks! Russ PS: Great info on your site(s)
vintage guitar and bass Comment left 21st May 2013 19:07:35
It's a single sheet, folded to make four sides. See here

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